YouTube marketing strategies

marketing strategies for business improvement

There’s probably not a single business owner or employee who will tell you that everything runs smoothly all the time. Luckily, today we have a bunch of options to help us out when it comes to this. But even then, business tends to run kind of slow sometimes – so what exactly are you doing wrong?

great ideaIf you have a great idea, an amazing quality product and a reliable team behind you, maybe it’s your marketing that needs some touch ups?

You can easily do proper marketing via social media. The variety of social platforms offers you the possibility to reach out to an audience bigger than ever before, you just need to know the correct way to do so. Remember – a single detail is often what makes or breaks a deal.

First, let’s start off by saying that you can break these platforms into several groups: ones that help you network, promote, and share. When it comes to promoting and marketing, one of the best tools to use is YouTube. With over 1 billion active users each month – or nearly one out of every two people on the Internet, you are almost guaranteed to succeed in expanding your business.

Let’s say you already have an amazingly shot and edited video – now how do you deliver it to people?

YouTube marketing strategies for business improvement

Algorithms YouTube is based on are quite complex but not at all difficult to understand. If someone enters the keywords into the search box that matches your title, it automatically gives you the chance to be seen. So rule number one – choose your title wisely, and make it relevant to the video; failing to do so will only push people away. Clickbaits do more harm than anything else.

YouTube metricsChoosing the right thumbnails for your video can make wonders. Smartly chosen visuals draw attention and make you stand out in the crowd.

Now that you got someone’s attention, you have to keep it – and you keep it with your strategically delivered content. Try to be as useful with your content as possible, but also entertaining to an acceptable extent. The longer the viewer stays on your video, the higher the chance it will appear in the suggested videos column.

YouTube metrics also take in consideration which video brings viewers to the website or app- so putting a link on your Facebook page, Twitter account or Instagram bio is a desirable thing to do.

Another recommended step is to expand the description box by putting URLs under the description itself. These can lead to your older videos, your website, your channel or to another user’s channel. You can also put them in the form of annotations that will pop up for a certain amount of time during your played video.

Depending on your business/ field, you can also get your viewers to interact with you- by suggesting them to subscribe, like and comment. A simple but effective way to increase the number of comments is to ask a question in a video or to put it in the comment section.

Remember – the more (inter)action your channel gets, the more people will come across it. YouTube marketing works like a vicious circle- master it by going into fine details and the rest will follow.