Using YouTube to market your business

Using YouTube to market your business

YouTube generates billions of views every month, so it’s easy to realize the advertisement potential it has. Most people are too afraid to advertise their businesses through YouTube, but they shouldn’t be. Most popular videos are home productions so you don’t have to worry about looking cheap and unprofessional. Here are some tips you can use to promote your business on YouTube.

Stick to what works

Instead of thinking of new ways of advertising, you should copy what already works. Buy yourself some chips and popcorn, and start browsing through YouTube videos to figure out what works. Find out what are the most popular videos with most comments and subscribers. They have to be doing something right.

Steal keywords from popular videos

Do some research on the most popular videos in your market and steal the tags they have listed. Your video will have more chances to appear in the suggestions of the first video.


Choose the best Thumbnail Image

The thumbnail may seem like an unimportant part of advertising. You need to find a photo or a graphic that draws the most attention. Make sure it’s something inviting and eye-catching.

Add the URL to the Description

Add the “http://” version of your URL to your video description so that people can click on the link and check out your site. Adding a direct link is always good to do.

Call to Action

Call to ActionYou need to create or steal some Call to action phrases. The standard ones would be: Subscribe to my videos, Follow me on Facebook, Find me on Twitter, Check out my channel, and so on.

Soft Sell

Asking people to buy your stuff in the end of your videos is a little too aggressive. Most people get turned away with this approach, so try to invite them to read your blog and sign up for exclusive content. You’ll get their emails