Strategies to promoting your YouTube video

Whether you work in a company and want to promote your business, or you’re a college student, passionate about makeup, with a desire to make some side money- YouTube is an amazing place to do it. While blogs may have that warm fuzzy personal note that many appreciate- YouTube makes it available to reach out to a bigger number of people and it also ‘attacks’ more senses, thus making it one of the most popular social platforms nowadays. Many companies as well as individuals launched their careers on this video- sharing website, and many of these careers turned out to be world – famous brands and serious money making businesses.

So what do you need to know if you want to join the club?

  1. Your channel. After you decided to get started on YouTube, you need to figure out what your channel is going to be about. Are you going to focus on strictly one subject or more? Will you deal with health care, economy, or maybe you’ll mix food, travel and lifestyle? Create your videos in a way that is easily recognizable and will make people come back for more.
  2. Video titles. Of course, you want to be as out there as possible. In order to make your videos visible, choose the right name for them. Pick a few keywords that are essential to your video’s topic and forget about the clickbaits.
  3. Perhaps the most important part of your work. You need to make an impact and draw attention of new potential subscribers. Someone who’s never seen your work will most likely judge you by your thumbnails. Again, no clickbaits.
  4. Intro song/melody. Helps in branding you and your work. Pick something that is catchy and not too long- otherwise it will bore people quite fast.
  5. Interacting with the audience. People love when they feel as if they’re getting personal attention. Try replying to comments. Ask questions and make surveys. Suggest subscribing and giving feedback by likes and comments. All of this helps in making your videos easier to find.
  6. Promote yourself. You can do this both on and off YouTube. Putting links to your other channels or videos in the description box as well as putting annotations in videos is one way to do it. Using the help of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and similar is the other.
  7. Learn about your channel. YouTube offers you a possibility to see where the majority of your viewers come from and how they came across with your channel. This allows you to work on your future videos and change them so they better fit your existing audience.