Marketing your app on YouTube

Things you have to know

YouTubeYouTube is considered to be one of the most popular social media platforms today. People use it to listen to their favorite band, watch  movie trailers, catch up with latest news and trends, upload videos showing how their talented pets juggle, and to learn a thing or two just about anything.

However, in the era of smartphones, tablets and notebooks, YouTube gets yet another purpose: app marketing. If you want to share your app with the world, doing it via YouTube is a rather smart move- it is estimated that nearly one out of every two people on the Internet visits the website every month, making your idea (or, in this case, app) easily accessible.

Things you have to know

Take a deep breath and create your strategy. What is your app about? Who is your targeted audience?

search barPeople will find your video(s) by entering keywords into the search bar. Having an interesting but relevant video title is a must, so the video itself appears in the list of found videos. Don’t make the title too long, and pair it up with an eye catching thumbnail. Describe the purpose of your app in the description box, use tags and try to be as informative as possible.

Next- what kind of a video do you want/need? You could make a demonstrational video where you use the app, explaining its features and advantages, basically showing what it is all about. Or, you could ask your existing users to help you out and review it- people are more likely to believe your idea and product if they see that others accept it as well. Making a short video in a form of advertisement is also a good idea, and putting in humorous content can only improve the impact. Having a promotional trailer that plays when a user visits your channel is another way of drawing attention and introducing your app. Take advantage of similar channels/videos on the website and team up with them or engage yourself in their comment section. Communicating with users is something many tend to forget- ask questions and answer to questions, conduct surveys, give feedback- people appreciate it greatly. Try to make an interesting logo for the app and don’t overcomplicate it, make it easy to memorize and recognize, and put it in an annotation form, perhaps with a download link. Finally, don’t forget to connect your video and/or channel with your other profiles and accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and similar.