How to do YouTube marketing

How to do YouTube marketing

If you are a regular YouTube user, you’ve probably noticed the amount of people who make their living off this social platform. With new times comes new technology, and with new technology come better opportunities… so why not make the most of it?

YouTube was created in February 2005 and instantly changed the way of communicating as we knew it. After all, the motto of this video – sharing website is “Broadcast Yourself”. Reaching out to people and sharing ideas has never been easier and many take advantage of it.

So how to do marketing via YouTube exactly and what do you need to know?

Before moving on to the marketing part itself, let’s underline the fact that you need to have a clear vision of what you want to share in your videos and to keep your audience in mind. Who will watch this video and what will they get and learn from it? In order to make your videos helpful and valuable, stay in the field you know the most- people easily recognize if you’re not comfortable or familiar with the content you offer.

Making it big on YouTube, step by step

youtubeFirst of all- make your video(s) findable. Your content should be easy to find both within and outside of YouTube (and don’t forget that Google owns it). Making an attractive and descriptive title is something you can only benefit from. Keywords should be the very first words of the title- many people don’t have the time/patience when browsing through videos so be sure that everyone sees the point of yours just by glancing at it. Also, don’t be shy in the description box-adding URLs, describing and tagging your content is a massive plus.

Next – make yourself recognizable. Show that you believe in your product and that you take it seriously. Come up with a channel name that’s easy to remember, add a video background that’s easy on the eyes, put a short catchy intro song before your content plays.

Feel free to promote yourself. Create a playlist of your most popular videos. Add annotations to your videos that include subscribing options or links to your other videos (don’t be too pushy with them though!).

social platformsOther social platforms can help you tremendously- post your video to Facebook, tweet it on Twitter, share it on your blog if you have one.

Last but definitely not least- using YouTube analytics is something that’s worth keeping your eye on. Take in consideration who watches your videos the most, where in the world and how did they discover them. You can – and should- adjust to your audience’s needs in order to keep the business booming.