Marketing your app on YouTube

YouTubeYouTube is considered to be one of the most popular social media platforms today. People use it to listen to their favorite band, watch  movie trailers, catch up with latest news and trends, upload videos showing how their talented pets juggle, and to learn a thing or two just about anything.

However, in the era of smartphones, tablets and notebooks, YouTube gets yet another purpose: app marketing. If you want to share your app with the world, doing it via YouTube is a rather smart move- it is estimated that nearly one out of every two people on the Internet visits the website every month, making your idea (or, in this case, app) easily accessible.

Things you have to know

Take a deep breath and create your strategy. What is your app about? Who is your targeted audience?

search barPeople will find your video(s) by entering keywords into the search bar. Having an interesting but relevant video title is a must, so the video itself appears in the list of found videos. Don’t make the title too long, and pair it up with an eye catching thumbnail. Describe the purpose of your app in the description box, use tags and try to be as informative as possible.

Next- what kind of a video do you want/need? You could make a demonstrational video where you use the app, explaining its features and advantages, basically showing what it is all about. Or, you could ask your existing users to help you out and review it- people are more likely to believe your idea and product if they see that others accept it as well. Making a short video in a form of advertisement is also a good idea, and putting in humorous content can only improve the impact. Having a promotional trailer that plays when a user visits your channel is another way of drawing attention and introducing your app. Take advantage of similar channels/videos on the website and team up with them or engage yourself in their comment section. Communicating with users is something many tend to forget- ask questions and answer to questions, conduct surveys, give feedback- people appreciate it greatly. Try to make an interesting logo for the app and don’t overcomplicate it, make it easy to memorize and recognize, and put it in an annotation form, perhaps with a download link. Finally, don’t forget to connect your video and/or channel with your other profiles and accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and similar.

YouTube marketing strategies

There’s probably not a single business owner or employee who will tell you that everything runs smoothly all the time. Luckily, today we have a bunch of options to help us out when it comes to this. But even then, business tends to run kind of slow sometimes – so what exactly are you doing wrong?

great ideaIf you have a great idea, an amazing quality product and a reliable team behind you, maybe it’s your marketing that needs some touch ups?

You can easily do proper marketing via social media. The variety of social platforms offers you the possibility to reach out to an audience bigger than ever before, you just need to know the correct way to do so. Remember – a single detail is often what makes or breaks a deal.

First, let’s start off by saying that you can break these platforms into several groups: ones that help you network, promote, and share. When it comes to promoting and marketing, one of the best tools to use is YouTube. With over 1 billion active users each month – or nearly one out of every two people on the Internet, you are almost guaranteed to succeed in expanding your business.

Let’s say you already have an amazingly shot and edited video – now how do you deliver it to people?

YouTube marketing strategies for business improvement

Algorithms YouTube is based on are quite complex but not at all difficult to understand. If someone enters the keywords into the search box that matches your title, it automatically gives you the chance to be seen. So rule number one – choose your title wisely, and make it relevant to the video; failing to do so will only push people away. Clickbaits do more harm than anything else.

YouTube metricsChoosing the right thumbnails for your video can make wonders. Smartly chosen visuals draw attention and make you stand out in the crowd.

Now that you got someone’s attention, you have to keep it – and you keep it with your strategically delivered content. Try to be as useful with your content as possible, but also entertaining to an acceptable extent. The longer the viewer stays on your video, the higher the chance it will appear in the suggested videos column.

YouTube metrics also take in consideration which video brings viewers to the website or app- so putting a link on your Facebook page, Twitter account or Instagram bio is a desirable thing to do.

Another recommended step is to expand the description box by putting URLs under the description itself. These can lead to your older videos, your website, your channel or to another user’s channel. You can also put them in the form of annotations that will pop up for a certain amount of time during your played video.

Depending on your business/ field, you can also get your viewers to interact with you- by suggesting them to subscribe, like and comment. A simple but effective way to increase the number of comments is to ask a question in a video or to put it in the comment section.

Remember – the more (inter)action your channel gets, the more people will come across it. YouTube marketing works like a vicious circle- master it by going into fine details and the rest will follow.

How to do YouTube marketing

If you are a regular YouTube user, you’ve probably noticed the amount of people who make their living off this social platform. With new times comes new technology, and with new technology come better opportunities… so why not make the most of it?

YouTube was created in February 2005 and instantly changed the way of communicating as we knew it. After all, the motto of this video – sharing website is “Broadcast Yourself”. Reaching out to people and sharing ideas has never been easier and many take advantage of it.

So how to do marketing via YouTube exactly and what do you need to know?

Before moving on to the marketing part itself, let’s underline the fact that you need to have a clear vision of what you want to share in your videos and to keep your audience in mind. Who will watch this video and what will they get and learn from it? In order to make your videos helpful and valuable, stay in the field you know the most- people easily recognize if you’re not comfortable or familiar with the content you offer.

Making it big on YouTube, step by step

youtubeFirst of all- make your video(s) findable. Your content should be easy to find both within and outside of YouTube (and don’t forget that Google owns it). Making an attractive and descriptive title is something you can only benefit from. Keywords should be the very first words of the title- many people don’t have the time/patience when browsing through videos so be sure that everyone sees the point of yours just by glancing at it. Also, don’t be shy in the description box-adding URLs, describing and tagging your content is a massive plus.

Next – make yourself recognizable. Show that you believe in your product and that you take it seriously. Come up with a channel name that’s easy to remember, add a video background that’s easy on the eyes, put a short catchy intro song before your content plays.

Feel free to promote yourself. Create a playlist of your most popular videos. Add annotations to your videos that include subscribing options or links to your other videos (don’t be too pushy with them though!).

social platformsOther social platforms can help you tremendously- post your video to Facebook, tweet it on Twitter, share it on your blog if you have one.

Last but definitely not least- using YouTube analytics is something that’s worth keeping your eye on. Take in consideration who watches your videos the most, where in the world and how did they discover them. You can – and should- adjust to your audience’s needs in order to keep the business booming.

YouTube marketing campaigns

Using YouTube to promote your company and products is a very effective way to reaching out to the right audience. YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world, and it’s the most visited video website of all. This is enough to realize the massive potential it has when it comes to marketing your brand, company, or product. But before you do that, here are some things you have to take care of to maximize your sales.

Find the right audience: You have to know who you are reaching out to before you create any type of ad. You have to choose the right category and genre when uploading a video to Youtube, so take time to think about what you want to say.

Create original content regularly: When you finally work out what people like, they will expect regular updates with fresh content. If you recycle your old ideas, chances are that people are going to find it boring and they could lose interest. Don’t let that happen.

Use everything you can to promote your business

Use attentions to invite users to your channel easily: The YouTube Annotations tool is very helpful because you can invite people to other videos or your site in a non-aggressive way. Just highlight the links you want and that’s it.

Use social media to send users to your videos: Facebook and Twitter are great tools for making something popular. Make posts on social networks and engage people to share and discuss your product or service among themselves.

promote your business

Post your videos to Digg, Reddit, and other social linking sites: Stuff the titles of your videos with keywords, and include keywords in your video descriptions as well. Also, add tags with keywords for more exposure.

As you can see, these are just some basic tips that make a big difference. It doesn’t take long to understand how things work, and once you figure it all out, you can use these little tricks to increase the traffic to your website and ultimately increase sales.

Maximize your YouTube’s marketing potential

When you want to advertise through social media like Facebook and Twitter, you need a good add that’s going to attract people to it. The same thing goes for marketing on YouTube, but you have to put even more thought into each ad before publishing it. A great video ad can make all the difference in your success. Here is what successful marketers and entrepreneurs do.

1. Partner with a YouTube celebrity

You can find many YouTube users that have hundreds of thousands or even million subscribers on their channels. Do some research and ask some of them if they are interested in promoting your product. Ask them to mention them in the videos and give them free stuff that will increase your chances of success.

Link users to your website

2. Link users to your website

One of the best ways to increase traffic to your website from YouTube is to put a link to it somewhere in the end of the video. Make the link clickable and add it to the description box.

3. Fill out the descriptions in detail

Google owns YouTube, so everything you publish there as the potential of high exposure. That’s why you need to fill out all the boxes and add tags, titles, descriptions, and categories.

4. Be smart

YouTube is becoming flooded with ads and businesses of all kinds so you need to play your cards smart. You need a video that’s going to stand out from the rest. Add some humor, or clever ideas, create graphics, do anything that’s going to catch people’s eyes.

5. Tell a story

You have to find a way to tell your brand’s story through a video and music. Transfer your message through pictures and sounds and make sure your product stays in the viewer’s mind.

Tell a story

6. Reach out to fans with fan videos

You should ask your customers about their experiences with your product. Always post both positive and negative experiences. The positive will help you increase sales, and the negative ones will help you correct your mistakes.

7. Maximize the use of YouTube

The more videos you add to your profile, the more success, and traffic you will have. Try publishing a video every week and you’ll have more visitors for sure.

Tips to improve your YouTube marketing

Marketing on YouTube could increase your sales and help you build up your company. To get the best results, you have to have a good approach and we are now going to go through some tips that could be of great help for your YouTube marketing career.

1. Make people curious with unconventional videos

People are usually going to do their best to avoid boring commercials. Sometimes they do watch tutorials and videos they couldn’t find somewhere else, but your best bet is to make something unique and interesting. You shouldn’t limit yourself to videos that are directly connected to your business only. You can use something that doesn’t make any sense at first, the point is to get people’s attention. Keep them engaged enough to wait for the call to action.

You will have to plan your video well because you need a video that strikes at the customer’s emotions and they need to feel the need to buy and use products that are made by your company.

2. Support customer research with keywords

customer researchBefore you post an ad on YouTube, you have to know if your audience is ready to buy your product or not. Some companies try to sell their products directly, but many people don’t really want to buy anything. They are just browsing through Youtube.

This is why you need to choose your keywords just perfectly. They need to be close to people who are searching for such information and it would be great if your video could have educational content related to those words. Consider using keywords that have something to do with the product and the industry it’s made in. Don’t use keywords that have less than 1,000 monthly impressions.

3. Qualify leads with Youtube video

Youtube videoThe point of your video is to make people interested and send only those that want to make a purchase to your site. Focus on providing education in your video and use it to convince people that they have to visit your site to get the right information.

4. Optimize your channel page to drive traffic

On your channel page, provide information about your company and include links to websites and social media groups. Make a banner that is relevant to what you are selling and make it look good too.

Using YouTube to market your business

YouTube generates billions of views every month, so it’s easy to realize the advertisement potential it has. Most people are too afraid to advertise their businesses through YouTube, but they shouldn’t be. Most popular videos are home productions so you don’t have to worry about looking cheap and unprofessional. Here are some tips you can use to promote your business on YouTube.

Stick to what works

Instead of thinking of new ways of advertising, you should copy what already works. Buy yourself some chips and popcorn, and start browsing through YouTube videos to figure out what works. Find out what are the most popular videos with most comments and subscribers. They have to be doing something right.

Steal keywords from popular videos

Do some research on the most popular videos in your market and steal the tags they have listed. Your video will have more chances to appear in the suggestions of the first video.


Choose the best Thumbnail Image

The thumbnail may seem like an unimportant part of advertising. You need to find a photo or a graphic that draws the most attention. Make sure it’s something inviting and eye-catching.

Add the URL to the Description

Add the “http://” version of your URL to your video description so that people can click on the link and check out your site. Adding a direct link is always good to do.

Call to Action

Call to ActionYou need to create or steal some Call to action phrases. The standard ones would be: Subscribe to my videos, Follow me on Facebook, Find me on Twitter, Check out my channel, and so on.

Soft Sell

Asking people to buy your stuff in the end of your videos is a little too aggressive. Most people get turned away with this approach, so try to invite them to read your blog and sign up for exclusive content. You’ll get their emails