Build your brand on YouTube

Build your brand on YouTube

If you’re an entrepreneur, and you want to make it big, chances are you’ve already built your own brand. If you’re a rookie, but you still want to make it big, you probably want to learn the proper way to do it. Whichever of the two happens to be the case, it’s always good to keep some basic rules in mind.

create a brandWhy should you create a brand at all and work on it? When you have an idea you strongly believe in, it stops being ‘only an idea’ and becomes a product instead. A product that represents you, a product you want to sell. You live this product and over time you become one with it. People recognize good quality ideas/products and if you brand yourself the right way, you make profit.

Internet has the amazing ability of making a star out of you if you use it properly. It also enabled us to have jobs we didn’t have 20 or 30 years ago. Web designers, webmasters, bloggers, just to name a few.

When it comes to marketing and promoting, one of the best gifts Internet gave us is definitely YouTube. You know how they say – a picture is worth a thousand words. Based on that, a video is probably worth a billion. Combining visual and audio effects in one medium affects more senses and makes a greater impression, making the content easier to follow and memorize.

A couple of rules to remember…

The first thing you need to do is give yourself or your company a name that is catchy and easy to remember. No one is going to bother themselves by trying to remember a complicated and long one, so choose wisely. Try to think of a name you’re 100% satisfied with so you will not have to change it later. Use this name on all of the platforms you use (including your YouTube channel), and connect them with your YouTube. That way people interested in your work or product will not have a hard time trying to find you on social media and internet in general.

simple logoNext – create a unique and simple logo. Just take a look at all the famous logos you know- Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest – they are usually a mix of two colors, not more. Again, you’re trying to make it simple to remember and recognize.

When it comes to videos, a huge no-no is clickbaiting. Avoiding it shows people that you’re a serious and trustworthy person, and if people can trust you, they can trust your product as well.

Make a promotional video on your channel- it’s the fastest way to introduce yourself/your job to someone who’s on your channel for the first time. Also, describe who you are and what you do in the ‘About’ section, so people know who are they dealing with.

Putting an intro song before the rest of the video is used by many on the website. Again, let it be a catchy tune that will be a pleasure to listen to even after a certain amount of time. This intro is almost as important as your name or logo.

watermarkUse a watermark. Watermarks are still images that overlap a video. By adding one, you make sure that people know who they are watching and that no one rips you off by presenting your content as their own.

Finally, feel free to promote your channel on other social media you use, and vice versa.